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Actors Kevin L. Walker and Donnabella Mortel team up with Derrick Redford to Produce and Star in Comedic Web Series, “Retail”

Retail Web Series

Brilliant new web series ‘Retail’ is a must see, giving the world some fresh new comedy and revolutionary technology. In the realm of Workaholics, 40 year old Virgin, and The Office, “RETAIL” takes us on a wacky ride with a dynamic group of sales professionals (Kevin L. Walker, Derrick Redford, Donnabella Mortel, Jen Kater, & Dianna Dimino) as they navigate through the eventful world of retail sales, while cleverly bridging the gap between the experiences of sales associates and consumers. Hilarity that makes you cringe while demanding your attention, ‘Retail’ infuses genuine awkward moments with brilliantly sharp, bright, and light-hearted comedy.

Breaking out with America’s first peek at the revolutionary “Space Chariot Scooter Hoverboard,” “RETAIL” reveals what are sure to be two of the top-selling items this holiday season. Executive produced by aspiring actors Kevin L. Walker (Vigilante Diaries, The Young & The Restless, CSI: Miami), Derrick Redford (Freshwater, Chatter), and Donnabella Mortel (Jane the Virgin, Savages, House M.D.). Already scheduled to include a variety of cameos by talent such as, Lourdes Gonzales (Vine Star), and Timothy DeLaGhetto (YouTube Star/Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out). “Retail” is a simple yet brilliant piece of work, adaptable to all media platforms.

For more information on the web series “Retail” check them out on:

Retail’s Official website:
YouTube –
Twitter & Instagram: @RETAILwebSERIES

For more information on the Space Chariot Scooter Hoverboard check out their website:


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