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Fitness Community Cries Foul as 24Hour Fitness Continues to Charge Fees For Closed Gyms

Fitness Community Cries Foul as 24Hour Fitness Continues to Charge Fees For Closed Gyms

All gyms in United States were ordered closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Americans worldwide are experiencing financial strain and hardship, with majority of their jobs also being closed.

As the days progress and member’s billing cycles reset, 24 Hour Fitness members are still being charged for their gym memberships, despite users clearly not being able to use or receive any services.

24 Hour fitness has closed their call center, with a message stating to use their contact form on their website however, the contact form is greyed out and un-usable.

Users has taken to twitter to voice their concerns:


24 fitness has to date, refused to issue refunds and stated to one membership, “we are unable to process freeze transactions. Please be assured your membership will be extended for the same period that our clubs will be temporarily closed.”



Users that are unable to reach 24 hour fitness or have them pause or credit their memberships, can easily contact their card issuer and file a “services not rendered dispute.” I imagine many will surely will be filing services not rendered disputes, given the situation.

No services are being rendered at any 24 hour fitness club given the closure and charging users does not appear ethical in the situation.

Chargebacks are a consumer protection mechanism. They were designed to protect innocent cardholders from fraud. However, many consumers have learned to abuse the chargeback system. Services not provided chargebacks are a perfect example of how merchant rights can easily get violated, however in situations where the card holder/purchaser is unable to resolve the issue with the merchant/seller, this may be the only option.


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