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Funkmaster Flex Barks at Dame Dash and Lyor Cohen Diss

Funkmaster Flex Barks at Dame Dash and Lyor Cohen Diss

Dame Dash turned caught a lot attention after accusing music executive Lyor Cohen of being a “culture vulture,” which the former Dej Jam major player rebuffed. Funkmaster Flex defended Cohen in a recent Instagram post, calling Dash a liar in the process.


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Dame Dash built an amazing brand (The Roc) with Biggs and JayZ! I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as an entrepreneur! I 1,000 percent understand his cockiness! He’s self made and I know u wouldn’t believe me but Jayz would have never been noticed without Dame! But in 2018 I refuse to join the cheerleading squad with Dame in the slander! Without the DefJam machine Roccafella would have died in the wind! Roccafella was being distributed though PAYDAY/FREEZE/SLEEPINGBAG/PRIORITY RECORDS(GOOGLE IT)before DefJam!!!! Jayz would have been another great mc that faded into obscurity if he stayed in that situation! Dame made a lot of money with Lyor! All great partnerships always come to and end! Jayz went his separate way cause Dame didn’t adapt to the fact he needed to refine his personality! No one can remove u if u stay in tune to the surroundings! @duskopoppington I love u dearly my Brother… u helped me in 96 when my back was against the wall… But you are a LIAR… I was there FULLY back then and I was singed to DefJam for the tunnel album… YOU are a LIAR.. that man helped u… There are people with legitimate issues with Lyor! Dame ain’t one of them! it’s always easy to turn people against the rich JEWISH GUY that is still relevant and making money… I love u dearly bro but you foul with that Lyor energy! IM JUST TIRED OF NOT SPEAKING UP ON THIS!!!THE TRUTH IS ALL WE GOT! WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO TWIST IT! A CULTURE VULTURE CANT GET U UNLESS THE CULTURE YOU REPRESENT IS FOR SALE!!!!!! #JustMyOpinion COMMENTS OFF-THIS ISNT OPEN FOR DEBATE! #DameDashIsALiar

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Dash responded to the rant, asking Funkmaster Flex to take the conversation offline.


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