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Legally Armed Militia of Black Citizens at Stone Mountain, Georgia to Protect Citizens

Legally Armed NFAC Black Citizens at Stone Mountain, Georgia to Protect Citizens

On Saturday, July 4, Approximately 200-1,500 Black citizens assembled dressed in all black tactical gear, in formation at Stone Mountain, Georgia. The organization is led by ‘Grand Master Jay’ and called the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” (NFAC). The citizens were escorted by police and armed with a wide variety of legally registered heavy and light assault rifles, AR-15 rifles and AR-15 pistols, and various shotguns.

The act was taken to prove a point that Black people are no longer tolerating the oppressive injustices being committed around the world. Given the police have seemingly failed in numerous ways, the armed black citizens intended on managing the problems themselves, and even doing citizens arrests on officers if they needed to.

This all comes as rumors surface that Black people were going to be murdered on the streets potentially in disguise of fireworks, and in the murder of an unarmed black man.

Points to be taken here:

  • The Real Grand Master Jay is able to get people to listen to his message, and more importantly to actively get out and follow him for the good cause.
  • He, and those with him, were able to assemble members from five different Black-centric gun clubs and unite them to make a show the expected equality and Black people are demanding.
  • The group of armed citizens seemingly outnumbered the police



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