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Millennials Are Changing Everything in the World and Online

Millennials Are Changing Everything in the World and Online

According to market trends and data, Millennials are changing the way everything is handled, one industry at a time. The housing market, retail department stores, chain restaurants, overpriced name brands, and even the beloved brand of cereal, are all things Millennials aren’t buying into, engaging with, or even shopping at the same places their parents and/or grandparents did.


Since the start of the new millennium the world has consistently propelled itself further into a digital and cashless society. The internet has expanded to practically every corner of the world, digital content and streaming has become the new norm, countries like China have created complex ‘Social Credit System,’ and now the Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, creating what some are calling the, “internet 4.0” and “The Internet on Money.”

As we end 2018 and move into 2019, here are Four things we believe will be the focus points of the new upcoming year.

Authentic Connection(s) and Communities

Authentic connections that turn into valuable, lifelong relationships not only with people, but also communities and brands. Millennials are known to be one of the most brand loyal generations you will find, when engaged and inspired the right way. Actively using social media, apps, mobile friendly websites, are all daily habits of Millennials, and having good reviews on commonly used platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook are huge factors in this increasingly digital society.



Millennials and today’s society use mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications for generating income, transportation, entertainment, job searching, social media marketing, ordering food & grocery, purchasing products & services, research and learning, online shopping, and managing, sending, and receiving money/cryptocurrencies/digital assets. Majority of Millennials are no longer seek the “9 to 5” kind of work and seek convenience and flexibility in every aspect of their lives, and this goes along with the fact that approximately 42% of millennials have a side hustle outside of their full-time job.



In this information age you can find information on pretty much anything you desire online. Millennials seek information and validation, and as a result need transparency to render a good decision on their investments, purchases, etc.. Individuals and/or businesses that operate with integrity and transparency are more likely to receive patronage, given any questions or concerns can be addressed with simple online research. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledger technology also went mainstream this year, which present even more options for businesses and individuals to operate transparently.


Privacy & Security

Majority of today’s millennials have home camera security systems, monitor their credit regularly, and use privacy accessories like Front Camera Covers on their cellphones and devices. With the exponential increase in credit utilization over the years placing great importance on “credit profiles,” and recent privacy & security breaches with major tech companies like Equifax and Facebook setting the tone for how vulnerable your data is, the need for physically and digitally security will continuously grow.

Companies have already begun to release blockchain based products and services that use a “digital identity” you establish on the blockchain to interact with companies, DApps, and individuals.

Protect your digital identity and privacy!


Seemingly, convenient products and services will help people navigate the complexities of the world, and quality products and services will prove themselves to be superior and capture major portions of their applicable industries.


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