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Police Nationwide Use Excessive Force, Abuse the elderly, Reporters, and More

Police Nationwide Use Excessive Force, Abuse the elderly, Reporters, and More

Most of the nationwide anti-police brutality protests started peacefully Saturday afternoon, but many took a more volatile turn on Saturday night. Some images show some protesters vandalizing property, including setting fire to police cars and businesses.

But other videos show officers aggravating lawful participants, by swinging at them violently with their batons, and in multiple cases, driving a police SUVs into crowds.

The protests began in Minnesota last week in response to a video showing a white Minneapolis police officer killing an unarmed black man, George Floyd. The protests have spread globally and taken on a broader call for an end to police brutality.



Police pepper-sprayed protesters

In New York, a police officer violently pulled down the mask of a peaceful protester, who had his hands up in the air, and pepper-sprayed him in the face. The police officer in the video had a clear intention of ambushing the young individual.

In Seattle, a child was also intentionally hit with pepper spray by police. In the video, the child can be heard screaming in paid, as other protesters pour milk on her face.



Rubber bullets hit a bystander

In Dallas, a woman’s face was covered in blood after she was hit with a rubber bullet while walking home with groceries.


Officers appear to assault peaceful participants

In Salt Lake City, an older man walking with a cane was pushed to the ground by an officer.



Police open-fired paint canisters at people on their own property

In Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Police Department and National Guard marched down the residential streets of Whittier neighborhood. Tanya Kerssen, who lives in the neighborhood, tweeted that the officers shot paint canisters at the residents while shouting “light ’em up.”


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